Thursday, October 12, 2006

Seaton Trail

The Seaton Trail is located about 12km west of Markham on Highway-7 in a village called Green River. The northern entrance is just east of Sideroad 32 on the south side of the highway. You can see it on this map care of the Seaton Trail Mud Puppies running club or this google map of the north entrance.

With about 10km of trails and a few loops, there is enough for an easy day hike. It is open to skiing in the winter, although mostly for classic by the looks of it.

I didn't get to explore the whole trail...only the first few km's. I did see some white tailed deer but wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch them! The trail is quite nice, but (on the northern section) there is enough highway noise to remind you that you're not too far from civilization. It looks great for running, the Mud Puppies site suggests there are technical sections, steep climbs, river crossings and all that fun stuff.

It's a nice walk, close to the city. Certainly worth checking out!

These shots taken in early October 2006.